Red Star Contract Manufacturing is a vertically integrated, lean company that is focused on the medical device industry with an expertise in insert injection molding.

“Red Star brings the technical partnership to the most difficult task and does it with a speed and thoroughness that is unmatched by anyone else we have worked with in the industry.”  - Bob Titkemeyer, Vidacare Corp.

Company History

Red Star is unmatched in experience and exposure to insert molding applications, materials and processes.  We have traveled North America installing injection molding machines, setting up processes, and gaining knowledge on lean manufacturing, work cell layouts, etc. for over two decades.  We began as equipment builders specializing in injection molding machinery.  As insert molding jobs moved offshore, we saw our machinery building competitors one-by-one forced into a buyout, bankruptcy, or out of business.  We felt the sting of insert molding opportunities leaving the United States first.......and we adapted, becoming an insert molding house ourselves to benefit our customers.  Customers who had difficult components to mold, prototyping needs, and low volume production that did not fit into the new global market.  People who could no longer find a molding house to take on these projects due to downsizing, mergers, and closings.  That is the backbone that formed Red Star Contract Manufacturing, Inc..
As our competitors shifted their "labor intensive" insert molding work offshore, Red Star was growing and building equipment to service the insert molding market.  While our competitors were cutting payrolls and laying off experienced process engineers, Red Star was picking up the ball and assisting companies with years of processing expertise gained through installing equipment in hundreds of factories across the nation, using many different resins and mold configurations in multiple industries.  In 2009, Red Star began applying this knowledge for itself to become a technological leader in medical insert molding.

Now, as our competitors try to bring some of their manufacturing back to the United States, while they try to add staff to support a growing industry, they struggle to find the experience and skills required to be a competitive insert molder.  Meanwhile Red Star had the insight to see this economic turn as an opportunity.  An opportunity to learn, grow, and apply what has become a lost art in modern America.  Red Star can place its team against any of our competitors and feel confident that our experience with the intangibles associated with insert molding over the last 20 plus years far outweigh the team they bring to the table to solve your insert molding needs.

Red Star Contract Manufacturing was recognized as a 2012 Indiana Companies to Watch Finalist. Indiana Companies to Watch is an awards program for companies that demonstrate high performance in the marketplace or exhibit innovative products or processes.

Leadership & Experience

Scott Werstler, President

  • 23 years of insert injection molding machine design and build experience
  • 14 years of insert molding experience

Carla Lowe, Director of Operations

  • 10 years of experience in food manufacturing industry
  • 2 years experience in customer service for injection molding machine manufacture
  • 7 years of insert molding experience

Dave Hart, Electrical Engineer

  • 21 years experience in design, build, and programming of injection molding machines
  • 21 years experience in starting up and troubleshooting injection molding machines
  • 15 plus years experience in customer training and plastic processing for injection molding
  • 2 years experience as service manager for an injection molding machine manufacturer
  • 5 plus years experience in automation design and programming

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